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  • By The FJS
  • Release 3/1/2005
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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'The FJS' 'We are not 'rap' stars, or 'gangsta' rappers, we are Hip-Hop Rockstars, Sexypimpfunk Junkies...' Two people from opposite coasts have never blended so well in life, love or music. Casmir and KayB, The FJS and owners of Inner Perspective Music, do all three. Especially life, especially love, especially music...Especially Music where Cas brings the laid back, funky swing of LA and KayB has that sassy in your face attitude that only a true Philly girl can get away with. Since meeting in 2002 on the set of 'White Oleander', these two have been inseparable and unstoppable. Making their childhood dreams come true by founding Inner Perspective Music in 2003, Cas and KayB went on to completely write, produce, record and mix their entire first album themselves on the equipment they bought together the year before, having only known each other two months. The outcome was 'SexyPimpFunk' which, in January 2004, was exposed to the world through an interview on Pegleg Radio and an explosive debut performance at 'The Viper Room'. Needless to say, the club was packed to capacity and the event was a huge success. It was obvious to everyone present that night (and those who heard about it later) 'The FJS' had officially arrived. Casmir and KayB bring a new kind of threat, they truly do it all. Not only are they both entrepreneurs who write, produce, sing, rap and get their groove on, they also act. Cas has appeared as a principal actor in over ten commercials including Mountain Dew, Reebok, D-Skins, Virgin Mobile, Barclay Card, AARP, Adidas, Levi's, MasterCard and Sony PlayStation. KayB has co-starred on NYPD Blue and The Road to RMI, as well as receiving a degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Establishing connections and using resources to their fullest potential, Casmir and KayB are finally prepared for the 2005 release of their full length debut albums 'SexyPimpFunk' and 'Improvisations'. Truth is, the music speaks for itself; You just gotta listen.... And you will be happy you did. ABOUT IP Beginning first in the hearts and minds of the eventual founders, 'Inner Perspective' is a way of life. A guide emphasizing the importance of following one's own goals and ideals based on their belief's as opposed to what others might suggest or expect. It is this mindset which led to the search for a means by which to fulfill a life-long dream to entertain. Taking matters into their own hands, Casmir and Mikaela initiated and are the first artists on Inner Perspective Music Recordings, Inc. Inner Perspective Music, Inc. Is owned and operated by Casmir and Mikaela. Combining business savvy with artistic creativity they are responsible for everything from product development-writing, producing, performing, engineering and mixing to design for websites, logos and artwork for various promotional purposes to business requirements- networking, handling paperwork and finances, booking shows and selling C.D.'s. In short, these two are a dynamic team with the combined energy and resources to accomplish anything they set their minds to. The first albums from Inner Perspective Music Recordings, Inc. Are scheduled for release in 2005. The projects entitled 'SexyPimpFunk' and 'Improvisations' combine the talents of Casmir and Mikaela under the moniker 'The FJS'. No doubt we expect great things from these two in music and in business. Inner Perspective Music is also known as IP, which stands for Infinite Possibilities, because there is no limit...


Artist: The FJS
Title: Sexypimpfunk
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 3/1/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 185930000006


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