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Fragile Perfection

Fragile Perfection

  • By Freesscape
  • Release 5/16/2005
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

This duo was formed in 2003 by singer, songwriter and cellist Emi Evans and multi instrumentalist, composer and arranger Hiro Muneta. Employing a slightly elusive style of UK chill out, electronic band sound, soaring melodies and sensitive vocals, Freesscape now operate under their own label, Morphic Monster Music where they are creating hard to promote emotionally honest, uninhibited music. Emi grew up in England, in the town of Nottingham, surrounded by classical music, playing the cello and singing in a church choir. At the age of 15, wanting to try something a bit different, she started writing songs on guitar and piano and sent a home recorded demo to a Japanese record company who was searching for new singers to market. She was scouted by the Japanese producer Mr O, originally to be the next teeny bopper, pop singer in Tokyo - but realising that Emi wanted to write her own songs and to be taken seriously as an artist, he advised her to wait a few years to let her songwriting style develop and mature. For the next 5 years Emi composed hard and it was in 2001 when Emi came to Tokyo as an exchange student from Leeds University, that Mr O introduced her to bassist and arranger, Hiro. Their very different styles jelled with surprising ease and a few months of songwriting together were enough to convince Emi that she wanted to pursue music with Hiro in Tokyo. Shocking quite a few people, she quit her course at university to stay in Japan and follow her musical ambition. Since then 3 years have passed, songwriting with Hiro, dabbling with record companies (and being very disillusioned too!) but as yet, no regrets. Hiro grew up in Kanagawa (a prefecture South of Tokyo) listening to punk, rock, jazz and any other noisy crazy music that he could get his hands on. At 13, inspired by the bass playing of Jaco Pastorius, Hiro taught himself to play bass and joined a punk band. For the next 8 years Hiro played in several punk and rock bands, generally just enjoying making big noise and composing instrumental music, experimenting with his multi track recorder.


Artist: Freesscape
Title: Fragile Perfection
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 5/16/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479157707
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