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Daughter the Vessel the Bride

Daughter the Vessel the Bride

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Daughter of The King is derivative of her birth name "Ingrid". Born a Princess and she didn't even know it. While growing up in Gary, Indiana; she was shy, reserved, and quiet, having no identity. She never could have imagined back then that life would be what it is today. Singing since the day she spoke; into a broom, a mop, a hair brush, whatever she could hold in those small hands. She always knew her voice was a gift from God. Ingrid would wake up with songs and poetic lyrics rushing through her mind. While realizing at a very young age that music was the beat of her heart, she accepted the call against all odds. When not many believed in her dreams, something inside, would not let her stop singing or cause the destiny to die. As one of God's Royal princesses who rose up from obscurity, adopted into the highest reigning court. Ingrid's now co-laboring and seated with Christ in Heavenly Places. While an heir to the thrown, she's yet humble and confident serving with her brothers and sisters to change nations and bring down the pauper. As a current resident in Texas, she's a member of River of Glory in Plano. She also works on staff with PD Ministries doing, prophetic worship and evangelism. In the missions field she woos the hearts of the people with word and song from the loving, compassionate heart of God. Music has always been a passionate force that she believes should be used to touch nations with sounds that will transform and ignite lives with Holy fire. Fire which produces hunger and fervor for God. Ingrid's far from an entertainer, but a co-laborer of the Kingdom, and a daughter of the KING! Vision of Kings Inc. /Royalty Entertainment presents to you: The Daughter of The King: The mission before me is bigger than I am. Yet, it's never too big or impossible for my Father. I love the challenges, although at some points they can be intense. I yet forge fearlessly, ahead, never looking back. I'm pressing toward the mark. My vision is to captivate the hearts of Gods people through prophetic worship and ministry, in a way that would compel a thirsty world to aspire a more intimate walk with the Father. Music is just one of the catalysts that God has placed in my hands. I want to be a force in this world to be reckoned with. I like making new waves for others to ride into their destiny. In order for us to leave an inheritance for our children's, children, we must activate the creative genius that is supplied and driven by the King of king's. He has given it for the prospering of the spirit, soul, body and for building of The Kingdom. So let's see it from His view, grab hold, and get it done.


Artist: Ingrid Daughter of the King
Title: Daughter the Vessel the Bride
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 2/17/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501103275


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