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Longing for the Light

Longing for the Light

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BIO FOR CD PACKAGE The piano is my instrument in the trust sense. Through the piano I can express the music inside me. My music develops through living my life, taking on the tasks I seem fated to tackle. The piano is where I express that journey. I hear the music deep in my body and try to be free enough, cleared out enough, to recreate that music on the keyboard. I do not practice daily. I can't perform classical music in public - my hands freeze solid. Being an introverted feeling type, I play from my core and tell the story of my journey, it's beauty and it's horrors. It has taken decades for this music to finally appear. I took lessons as a child from a teacher named Helen Krogstad, a spinster who devoted her entire life to music, not marrying because she felt it would squelch her music. She charged 75 cents a lesson and never raised the price for the 10 years I studied with her. In college, I started as a music major studying keyboards. I took classes on counterpoint, ear training and others but I hated it. So I switched to psychology and played in rock bands instead. In college I had an old piano in my one room apartment and I would play in the dark, with my eyes closed, seeking out sounds and gradually building a pastiche of sound that developed into themes, images, stories. I would do the same with my congas -- playing in the dark in the basement, seeing where the music would take me. In my current life I practice psychology -- a psychologist in a maximum security prison and in private practice. I do all my recording at Studio 150 in Amsterdam, where they have the exact same piano I have at home. To record I need at least a week to prepare, to cleanse away the life I am typically immersed in. I can't just work all day and then run to the studio and lay down some tracks. When I do record, the pieces come out whole, single takes. I play with eyes closed but I see things -- my music is very visual. A portal opens up and the music is my way to journey into that other kind of space. The music weaves together the strands of life that have accumulated.


Artist: Jerry Fjerkenstad
Title: Longing for the Light
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 6/15/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479104015


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