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Real World

Real World

  • By Jim Buckner
  • Release 2/28/2006
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Real World: The Title saids it all. This CD is my most favorite and most personal project that I have ever released. So many things happened that inspired this CD Project.. ' Real World Part 1' is like reading the front page of a newspaper and was inspired by all the events that was happening around the time the song was being written. The most dominant was the Columbine High School shooting, but still other events is mentioned too. 'No One Seen The Light' points out the hard times people go through around the Christmas holiday and what the holiday should really mean. 'Dear Mom And Dad', of course, was dedicated to my parents and all the parents in the world that have done a wonderful job raising children within this crazy world. Only downside though, my father passed away 1 week before this CD was released and he never got to hear this song on Earth. 'Wished You Dead' is based on a true story that happened when I was in elementary school. Words can be so hurtful at such a tender age and to this day, that statement still stands true. 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix' is one of my most popular requested cover song and it fitted perfectly within this CD format. 'Love In The Real World 'was inspired by my wife. When I started writing this song, we were in the process of getting married and I wanted to write something to show my love for my wife to be. Only problem though, never write a song on your honeymoon. This song is a fantastic love song, but I have never heard the last of it from my wife.. 'Coconuts' is my most requested fun song and this recording was a first. The studio could not believe that I brought in two unique musicians to help me and they were kazoo players. This song is a fun one and is a classic. 'Travelin' Man' is a very personal song for me because it was the first song I ever wrote that got noticed when I was 14. It was one of many early songs that spring boarded my music career. When my new wife and I came back from our honeymoon in September, 2 days later America was attacked September 11, 2001. Like many musicians and artists, I went into the recording studio and recorded' One World 'and 'Hello To Heaven'. 'One World' shows the American Spirit of my music towards the tragedy while 'Hello To Heaven' shows the sorrow and grief towards the people that was loss. Both songs are very dear to me and forever will. 'Real World Part 2 'gives people hope and wisdom towards correcting this crazy world we live in. Rick Bailey, Kim and Greg Hale, Joe Mercer, Gary King, the crazy Kazoo Couple and everyone that is dear to me in my life made this CD possible. I hope you will enjoy this real world side of my music as much as I enjoyed recording it for all of you to listen. If you want to hear some music from the soul,'Real World' gives you that and much more.


Artist: Jim Buckner
Title: Real World
Genre: Country
Release Date: 2/28/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479261039