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Answer Your Calling

Answer Your Calling

  • By Joshua Alo
  • Release 6/4/2007
  • Music Genre Reggae
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Joshua Alo was Roots Reggae's first enlisted U.S. service member to bring Conscious Reggae music to and throughout the Middle East, including the frontlines of Iraq, listeners in Brazil and Europe all while serving the nation abroad. Though Joshua has separated from active duty service, he continues to captivate the heart and mind with messages of faith, love and a call to global and self awareness...'Alo's music reaches the depths of the soul and brings a sense of tranquility, "eloquently speaking of faith and messages appropriate for all times and seasons." (Honolulu Star Bulletin '07). Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Joshua blended strong ties between conscious roots reggae and the beauties of God's creations. At the age of 17, he began strumming the ukulele and acoustic guitar deep into the night on the rhythmic shores and hills of the island. "His laid-back music is conducive to deep thought and he brings that tropical sound to his debut album, Answer Your Calling. This is 'hammock music': swaying, peaceful, and gorgeous, suited for sunset on a secluded beach, whether you're in the mood for love or for meditation though it's the latter that Alo is more concerned with here." ( In early 1999, Joshua enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served as a mail transportation manager where his job was strictly to ensure the deployed U.S and coalition troops receive mail, no matter where they were, to and from their loved ones back home. This unique occupation provided him a broad global experience and cultural understanding throughout the years having lived in Japan, Belgium, Italy, Kingdom of Bahrain, and traveled to 26 countries, to include multiple deployments to Iraq. While stationed in northern Italy, Joshua linked with the acclaimed Studio Beat2 Engineer and the sensational Italian tribal roots band...Zion Love, in collaboration and creation of his successful debut album 'Answer your Calling", which has received many accolades including a number 2 ranking in Brazil's Radio Reggae Trade's Top Reggae Albums of 2007. Alo explains the meaning of the album's title. "We are all searching for great purpose and have the guiding light to truth and divine calling right in front of us but we are blinded to it by focusing strictly on worldly definitions. Christ the Saviour restores sight to the blind but it is not only the blind that cannot see. We must stop following blind guides (not only in human form) and have the courage to answer our calling and give ourselves to the amazing grace and works of the Almighty, lift up our hands, lay down our prides and grasp this guiding light. I used to pray that the Lord's will be done in my life through repetitious prayers but after further examination, I found I only meant it as long as His will was in full accord to what my will was...Only after a full surrender to His will can we begin to walk the narrow path and truly have the courage to answer our calling. "Alo's debut left me in awe. Answer Your Calling is best described as an offering from the heart. The incredibly honest rhythm section is a true driving force. A mean, thundering bass combined with well placed heavy drum licks, rootical percussion, seventies organ sounds, guitar and hovering above that are Joshua Alo's angelic breathy vocals and ukulele." (Teacha Dan, Everywhere he goes, Joshua sings Conscious Roots Reggae not only to the struggling soldier, but to all inhabitants in first, second and third worlds alike. He writes and sings from the depths of his heart, bringing forth visions of his vast experiences and gained knowledge and insight from his walk of faith in a world of political and spiritual unrest. "Alo has the talent and potential to rise in the reggae world, tempered by honesty and humility, such as demonstrated in his confessional album title song, 'Answer Your Calling'. This is not only commendable but inspiring for listeners searching for examples of truthfulness and authenticity in Babylon, where examples as such are not always easy to find." ( magazine) "Even if the old guard like Burning Spear does eventually step aside, fret not, for there's no shortage of up-and-comers who'll carry on. Joshua Alo is one of them. Alo's songs are mellow and meditative, his vocals direct and committed, and glow with an unpretentious, spiritual aura that's entirely infectious". (World Music Alo now resides in the European capitol of Brussels Belgium in hopes of further expanding his music on an international scale. And to further incorporate and cultivate his worldly sound, Joshua has teamed up with hard hitting musicians from Burkina Faso (Mr. Saidou), Democratic Republic of Congo (Mr. Julien) and Brussels Belgium (Mr. Seb Degreef). This team is now ready to bring forth spiritual Christ vibes while upholding the integrity of conscious roots reggae. Works on the second album (Orchid Unknown) will soon begin in early '09. Thank you for your support!


Artist: Joshua Alo
Title: Answer Your Calling
Genre: Reggae
Release Date: 6/4/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261216768