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We Make This

We Make This

  • By Katie Pearlman
  • Release 11/1/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

She Makes Us Groove by Christine Gerani Multi-Instrumentalist Katie Pearlman's new CD We Make This shows off her rich songwriting and grooves reminiscent of the bluesy style of Bonnie Raitt. The best example is on the album's title track, where each musician delivers a superior performance. In I'll be Waiting Katie surprises the audience with groovin' verses that build into a powerful anthem-like chorus. Most artists couldn't pull that off but Katie does and with a natural ease. I must admit, I found myself attracted more to the songs without the bluesy edge. In I Feel, a straight ahead mainstream groove, the catchy keyboard and guitar riff offers up a great start to an incredible song. I love this song. The background vocals are there but could stand to be more prevalent for this big chorus, my only real critique. It closes with a beautiful and fitting guitar solo. In Life Gives the lyrics are well done and musically this song also stands out amongst the rest. Katie's vocals in Dreaming With You are mystical, pretty and heartfelt. In We Make This Katie leads the way on vocals, drums and acoustic guitar and she is surrounded by incredible musicians, Jeff Pearlman on keyboards, Joe Cesare on Electric Guitar and Tom Bowler on bass. Although Katie is a master of the blues, she is also an amazing hook writer when she takes risks like in I Feel and I'll be Waiting. We hope to see more of that cool and clever styling of Katie in the future! Posted by JP's Music Blog CD Review: Singer/Songwriter Katie Pearlman Gives Us 'This' Fellow New Englander Katie Pearlman released her new album "We Make This" on November 1st. The songs on this new album have a very airy groove with a vocal style compared to Joss Stone. Her songwriting skills really shine through on the tracks "We Make This" and "Looking For Something". Katie shows her vocal range with the soothing power ballad "I'll Be Waiting" and the bluesy "Whenever You Need". The simplicity of the lyrics of "I Feel " work to Katie's advantage producing the album's radio friendly pop song. The electric guitar of Joe Cesare and husband Jeff Pearlman's keyboards gives the song "You Wrong" a southern rock vibe. The seven minute album closer "Dreaming With You" is a wonderful collaboration between the band and Katie's singing. A song that can definitely be expanded on when performed live. "We Make This" is great album for the autumn season, with it's flowing lyrics and mellow bluesy sound. Katie Pearlman will be making appearances throughout New England. October 6, 2009-Katie Pearlman has a new album. It is called "We Make This" (Mohawk Records). I believe we hear in this record Katie's renewed commitment to songwriting. There are ten songs gathered there, all by her, all good. The cohesive band sound remains as a foundation feature, with Jeff Pearlman on keys, Joe Cesare, electric guitar, Tom Bowler, bass, and Katie on drums and some acoustic guitar. The lyrics are centered around personal relationships and their entanglements, everyday life and it's little trials and victories, and the feelings one can have in the middle of all of it. They engage. The band sounds good, loose and Jamband like in a classic sense, with some of the ambience of the Dead. Short, incisive yet spirited solos by Jeff and Joe pepper the songs and give them leverage. Katie's drumming sparks the ensemble and gets it grooving. Ms. Pearlman's voice is a real vehicle. There's a soulful quality I've remarked on in earlier reviews, and it really puts the whole thing together. There are times I recall the old band Mother Earth in it's rootedness when I listen to Katie's music. Katie has a different sound than Tracy Nelson did in that band, but there's a certain common feel there. On the other hand, there's nothing really retro about her music. It's more about timelessness. "We Make This" is plush, wall-to-wall Katie Pearlman at her best. It nicely showcases Katie's talent and gives plenty of listening pleasure. I hope it brings her much success. Reviewed by Grego Applegate.


Artist: Katie Pearlman
Title: We Make This
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/1/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 880270305025