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Shades of Grace

Shades of Grace

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From EWTN's Backstage, the Sky Angel Network, Family Land TV, to TBN's Praise the Lord Northwest and radio stations across the globe Julie Carrick is inviting everyone to sing God's praise 24/7. She has an incredible gift of song through which she shares His word. Her music is fresh, inspired and has a powerful message. God has gifted Julie in a tremendous way and she is using her talent to bring the Gospel to a hurting world. Concerts, Parish Events, Conferences, ministry fairs, Ecumenical Gatherings of any kind are home to Julie's music and testimony as a Contemporary Christian recording and concert artist. Julie offers a range of music that is both calming and exciting to the spirit, challenging their audiences to better understand The Word through her music. Her witness shares the real heart of a woman who has experienced some of the toughest things in life and because of her Catholic faith, has stayed the course with Christ. In the concert ministry, Kurt brings witness to the men in the families as he shares his experience as a husband, dad and recently as a grandfather. A gifted guitarist and vocalist, Kurt shares his gift of music in harmony with his wife and true love while calling Catholics to their faith, church and family values. Kurt marvels in the presence of Christ as men thank him for sharing his testimony and faith through the powerful expression of his music. "It's amazing to see grown men cry publicly, and take the chance to share with me what affected them so" he recently said. God's touch has been so deep in the Carrick's life that they have the gift of giving their music a spiritual intensity that ministers to the deepest part of one's soul. As they tour the globe giving concerts, missions and special events they have a gift of presenting the real life trials they have lived through as well as the blessings of life in a way that truly brings the listener closer to Christ. Their music can best be described as Adult Contemporary and Inspirational but the range is so wide that these expressions are only a part of their musical genre. Along with incredible music there is powerful witness of a couple's journey to and with Christ. Part of this journey was 15+ years of Liturgical leadership where they have had the privilege of leading excellent music during masses and other liturgical services. Along with witness and music, they present a concert that is geared to fit your communities needs. An example of a theme might be 'Christian Marriage in Today's World' challenges and healings focus. Another focus would be 'Realizing the grace we receive from our sacraments' and how empty we are without them. Kurt brings his skill and gift of guitar and voice as they share harmonies and the life experiences of their marriage. The songs they share together are a great expression of married love, forgiveness and real joy as they recount the blessings they have received from God. They fully live their faith and are called to build up the body of Christ as they share the need for a daily prayer life. All of this is wrapped up and presented in their music and witness and those in attendance are truly blessed.


Artist: Kurt & Julie Carrick
Title: Shades of Grace
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 10/2/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 827912064889