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Minimal Art: Imaginary Windows

Minimal Art: Imaginary Windows

  • By Lisa Pegher
  • Release 5/26/2010
  • Music Genre Classical Artists
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Minimal Art The physical hard copy of the album Minimal Art: Imaginary Windows is a two disc set containing both an audio CD and a visual DVD. About the music The original score of Minimal Art is a collaboration between live musicians, processed recorded music, still art (the percussion instruments), animated art (computer animation), and improvisation (by the soloist). It is to present to the listener/viewer, how all are inter-related. It is in essence a way to perform music that has a score, and a visual context, but that also allows the performer to create along side the composer, thus keeping the music constantly alive, and breathing for each performance. About the Animation: The idea behind the videos, as a whole, was to develop several environments that are unassuming compliments to the music. The intention of the animation is to provoke thought from the viewer and leave it up to the individuals to interpret it for themselves. Certain themes can be seen on a whole; natural phenomena, alternate dimensions, growth, organic material/motion, microscopic worlds, etc. Unknown Journey -sub-surface, molecular as if the particles and connections are forming something greater. Shattered Run: A progression from Unknown Journey, as if you emerged to the surface of some eerie alternate dimension. Soul Fly: Very Abstract, Alternate Dimension Water Runs Up: Abstract, Textural, and Visceral Imaginary Windows: A literal translation of the title. A look through the minds eye. Then intention is to feel as if you are at the moment where sleep is about to occur, teetering on the edge of one's own mind. Pure Passages- Abstract, a transition. Lift Off: Again a literal translation of the title. STRIKE SWINGING (2006) by David Stock (BMI) This piece was commissioned and premiered by Lisa Pegher and is published by Keiser Classical. This work for solo multi-percussion is one of a whole series of pieces I have written over the last several years to showcase Lisa Pegher's virtuosity. These range from a Percussion Concerto with orchestra to Into the Whirlwind (flute, cello, percussion) and Something Sultry (alto flute and marimba). The title is, again, part of a series of my pieces with sports-related titles: Triple Play, Kickoff, etc. I hope it describes the action of the piece! No Reply (2007) by Lisa Pegher This piece was composed in a time of immense mental and physical distress in my life. A time when I felt that I had lost everything important and close to me, and the only time in my life that I wanted to give up. It is about loss, love, and the will to carry on. The main rhythm found in this piece is taken from number 27. In a series of Poems by Bell Hooks: 27. No kind love Would leave me here Take away treasures Strip me bare Of all the soul holds dear Forsake all just And fair due Then flaunt It's heady passion Openly offering the heart's allure Only to seduce and then betray Only I am not slain Though fallen For love would never Lead me here.


Artist: Lisa Pegher
Title: Minimal Art: Imaginary Windows
Genre: Classical Artists
Release Date: 5/26/2010
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501314145