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Love Is the Weirdest of All

Love Is the Weirdest of All

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Lou & Peter Berryman have been writing and singing together for 30 years. Their highly original performing and songwriting have invited frequent comparisons to Will Rogers and Dorothy Parker, and Burns & Allen, but these two are originals, melding midwestern culture with street smart savvy. Lou & Peter have a songwriting style that is a welcomed throwback to the days of Tin Pan Alley, where one wrote the words, the other the music, all with complete devotion to the craft. But their unusual take on the world has led to creations that are unlike any others. 'The Berrymans offer refreshing observations on the human condition in a style blending folk music with musical comedy. And they manage to translate it all into hilarious songs that have become folk classics, including 'Double Yodel,' 'A Chat with your Mother,' 'Your State's Name Here,' and 'Cow Imagination.' The humor draws on Lou's gifts as a melody writer, accordion player, and vocal comedienne, as well as Peter's guitar and vocal skills and extraordinary lyric writing... Few can resist laughing out loud by the middle of the second song; this stuff grows on you... These two delightfully twisted imaginations continue in full bloom...' --Art Wojtowicz, musicHound Folk; The Essential Album Guide In 2002 Lou & Peter were awarded funds from their local arts council to commission two talented Wisconsin playwrights to weave their songs into a theatrical revue. LOVE IS THE WEIRDEST OF ALL The Music of Lou' and Peter Berryman is their brainchild. This new musical revue premiered in Madison, Wisconsin August 20, and ran until September 12, 2004. It's a collection of 24 Berryman songs, loosely knit together by the device of presenting a 'house concert', four friends gathering to perform the tunes and declaim about life and love's weirdness. LOVE IS THE WEIRDEST OF ALL was recorded to be a companion to the musical: * One jewel box containing TWO CDs, one for each act of the Revue. * There are TWENTY EIGHT SONGS in all on the discs. The revue itself contains 24 songs, but at time of recording they hadn't decided which to use... * All the lyrics are available on our web site. * This is a 'non-cast album', with Lou and Peter singing and playing the songs. * Though most of these songs have been recorded by us before, we have re-recorded every one of them, some with changes and additions created for the revue.


Artist: Lou & Peter Berryman
Title: Love Is the Weirdest of All
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 9/21/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707972329