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Mark Doran 1

Mark Doran 1

  • By Mark Doran
  • Release 4/29/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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It's time for music listeners to tune in to the catchy melodies of singer/guitarist Mark Doran.An artist that can captivate the audience with just his guitar and thought provoking stories.He is also creating quite a buzz for his recorded songs.His albums productions with their lush arrangements and instrumentation, compliment the acoustic driven music.This singer-songwriter weaves a rich musical tapestry to the heartfelt lyrics of a poet.The result is a folk-infused, gentle rock that transports the listener inside the music. Now, with the release of his third album, ' Mark Doran III ', he is starting to get the recognition he deserves.With the success with such artists as John Mayer and Jack Johnson. A new breed of singer -songwriter is emerging on the music scene and Mark Doran is part of that movement. But there is more to this story. Mark Doran didn't start recording these CD's until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2001. A lifelong musician, he had played in rock bands, wrote and played on other musicians CD's,but never tried a solo project until now. Like his inspiration Lance Armstrong, Mark Doran was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The cancer was speading, surgery and chemotherapy was only way to save his life.During the four months of treatments, the idea of recording his original songs came about.He recalls, ' I had just got through reading Lance Armstrongs book and decided that if he could survive and have such great success winning the tour de France, I could survive to record my original music. I feel really lucky to have had Lance as a role model. Even during the darkest days of my battle with cancer, I knew that everyday was an opportunity to know love,see beauty,write songs. Everyday is a blessing!.Mark Doran called on his friend,musician/producer Mark J. Dye and two musicians started to record his original music. All the music and vocals on these CD's are done by this incredible duo. He comments, ' Even though I write all the lyrics and music, after I play the guitar parts, Mark Dye writes the arrangements and plays all the other instuments . When we started to work together at the studio. I would just play the song on an acoustic guitar and we would talk about some ideas. It was important that the song could stand alone with just an acoustic guitar and vocals. Building the sound around that basic core has giving us the common formula to recording music .He's brought so much to my music that I have to thank him for sharing his gifts with me.We are a great team and work well together. One way we describe it is that, I bake the cake,he decorates it and we hope that the listener will eat it up ! ' Many in the music industry would agree that their approach is delicious. It is with little wonder that with life-long musical influences including the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon,Led Zeppelin and other classic greats. Mark Doran would start playing the guitar and writing original music.From folk festivals to rock bands, and back to folk festivals.His musical carreer has evolved full circle.In the begining of his musical experience he could be found playing at folk and bluegrass festivals.Playing around the campfires at night would soon be replaced with purchase of his first electric guitar. The first band that he was in was a called Zachariah. While stationed in southern California, he was the guitar player and lead vocals in this all original group. This all military rock band would be short lived when orders came to go overseas. After serving his country,Mark would return to go back to college, where he would meet the other musicians that would be his bandmates in' August West'. This musical incarnation would launch this college band,with a large local following into a national act.His bandmates included,Mark Colvin,Joe Porreca and Kevin McLaughlin.All would go on to find success in their own solo projects, but for a time this group would come together and make beautiful music.With the release of their debut album, August West they would change the face of the music scene, in the Tampa Bay area.The local radio station in Tampa Florida, WMNF 88.5, had them playing live acoustic shows of their new CD which gave the band recognition. Mark recalls, ' It was their support that got us our first big break.Al Stewart of 'Year of the Cat' fame heard us on the radio.The next thing we knew we were his opening act.' The band would spend the next few years touring.Honing their skills as performers and living the wild life as a rock band.The stress of being on the road with a relentless schedule would take it's toll. As with most bands,people get married,have baby's, get real jobs and things change.They would soon all go their own way. Mark Doran returned to Florida and began making a living doing artshows.Not with his music,rather his artwork. For the last 20 years he has called these shows his day job.Selling and teaching his crafts across this country for his living has allowed him to continue to live life by his on terms.To travel to beautiful places that are the source of inspiration for many of his songs about nature. An avid nature photographer, all the photos on the albums are taken by Mark Doran. As a certified master naturalist in the state of Florida.His photographs are used in programs that teach the public about the rare and endangered biota. Living a life like a renaissance man, may be a comparison that would be more truth than you know.You see for the last 20 years he's been sharing his artwork at the Minnesota Renaissance festival. Teaching people how to tie brooms,making furniture from twigs and thatch roofs.Not to mention his own fragrance designs.He owns and operates a small mail order business that sells his handmade oils and incense. This life style has afforded him the flexibility with music he always wanted. Pick and choose shows to play music .He can go on the road and play music while art work is being sold at galleries. One type of his shows,includes a musical evening with him and his guitar and the walls filled with his artwork.Scultures, paintings and photographs are sold in between the musical performances.When asked if he thought he was trying to do to much,he laughs' Maybe!,but something drives me to be creative everyday.When I write a song or paint a picture the feeling I get is euphoric and uplifting. I might be addicted to the rush of creating something.' Fans of Mark Doran are glad he is driven to be creative. His music can be heard live at folk festivals and listening rooms across the country. His music can also be heard on radio stations around the world.This singer-songwriter is getting noticed for all the right reasons.The timeless beauty of his well written songs will keep fans coming back for more. He is a breathe of fresh air on this emerging music scene of the modern singer-songwriters.We can all be assured that he will continue to captivate us with his performance and dazzle us with his recordings.It's time for listeners to get to know and love this Florida native.


Artist: Mark Doran
Title: Mark Doran 1
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/29/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 639441004621


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