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In Focus

In Focus

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What's changed? Everything, and nothing at all. That describes life from the first time Marvin began pecking out tunes on his mothers old chord organ until now. Since the age of nine Marvin has been a student of the piano, adding and layering each new experience. While growing up, an immediate outlet for aspiring young musicians was the local church, and Marvin spent playtime practicing what was to be the hymn for the following Sunday. But on any given Sunday the scheduled hymn was subject to change, which forced a crash-course lesson in improvisation. Marvin began to experiment with writing music and lyrics in high school, and soon realized it offered a different perspective on how he heard music. His discography includes Water (1999), Short Stories (2001) and Believe in Christmas (2001). Marvin is a recipient of the Billboard Magazine Songwriter Award, and the John Lennon Songwriting Award. He wrote and recorded the score for Light Bends, a film by Kevin Davidson and Dan Green. As well as extensive studio work, Marvin appreciates the authentic vibe of performing live. From coffeehouses to concerts and social events, he easily connects with audiences from all walks of life. Always evolving, Marvin has discovered yet another color in the musical palette-the musical stage play. He has served as musical director and pianist for the musicals I Should Have Listened, Torn Between Two Loves and the Plowshares Theatre productions of He Is Christmas, Spunk, Crowns and Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill. "Music for theatre is much different than it is for performance...everything must be in sync, from emotion to color, mood and attitude. Yet, when it's right, you can feel it from the audience to the stage and back again." Professional affiliations include the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), the Harry Fox Agency, and the Film Music Network. On his new CD, In Focus. "This new project is exciting to me because it encompasses musical styles that are close to me right now through jazz, soul and popular music. I don't doubt that listeners will feel the same. Fortunately for me music is always an exploratory process, and notes and chords are as fresh to me now as they were when I was nine. I'm still amazed." Everything, yet nothing at all has changed.


Artist: Marvin Thompson Jr.
Title: In Focus
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 9/27/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101389273