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Universe Could Be Expanding

Universe Could Be Expanding

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What a fascinating and odd universe we live in, aye? That was the surreal concept behind this album, appropriately titled "The Universe Could Be Expanding." It's another eclectic burrito of musical styles and experimentation from Michael Blumenstock. Michael starts off with "Watch the Video," which delves into the media frenzy and political maneuvering so prevalent in our times, or was it always there, but we did not have 20,000 TV channels and four billion websites to fry our neural pathways. To turn back the clock, check out "Ska Sun Comes Down." This retro song harks back to the Delta Blues days of yore, and then some. The title track "The Universe Could Be Expanding" is a jazz-rock fusion of experimental guitar "noises" evoking the possible expansion of something, or maybe something entirely different. Where did the Universe come from anyway, and why is it here? Or why for that matter, are Oreos round and not triangular, or dodecahedron shaped? "Johanna" is a romantic tune where Michael sings tribute to all those mysterious and fascinating women on this planet, and on other distant galaxies, if they are out there listening on their virtual stardust frequencies. Speaking of that, "Virtual Stardust" is bluesy, heavy and full of whammy bar action. With "War on the Horizon," or should I say war is always happening, you may think twice before watching or reading the news, then again, why not? I myself am not into the "Ostrich" philosophy. And then again, maybe this song is not about war at all! The other tunes I will let you figure what they mean or don't mean, or maybe they are just part of the universe, and really don't need to be over-analyzed and categorized. Or maybe they do.... Enjoy the universe, and don't be an ostrich, or maybe be one anyway! Michael.


Artist: Michael Blumenstock
Title: Universe Could Be Expanding
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/15/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479366284


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