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A Month of Sundays is Ed Moreland (vocals/guitar), Jim Russell (drums), Chris Russell (guitar/bass), and Brad Brooks (guitar/bass). **Nominated for 'Best Rock Group' alongside Good Charlotte and Nils Lofgren by the Washington Area Music Association for the 2003 Wammie Awards** 'A Month of Sundays takes their name from their regular music sessions a la Tuesday Night Music Club, but it sounds better with a College Radio groove. Let's just say that they studied their Frank Black, The Smithereens and Sonic Youth. Toss in a little BoDeans and a smidgen of Husker Du and you have a great recipe for success and sweet smellin' sound. In another era of my life I would have passed a few bricks over this band, but that is up to someone else to do nowadays. Their debut album is Click and click it does. So damn catchy I caught myself whistling 'Setzer' with their namesake a featured line in the song. Ed Moreland is the lead singer with the rhythm guitar a rollin' with a harmonica teasin' your ears now and again. Jim Russell is the drummer and percussionist. Chris Russell plays lead, rhythm, bass and keys while Brad Brooks plays the lead, bass, and rhythm. Marco Delmar played the ears and from the sounds of it, played them very well. This is professional stuff here and sits well alongside those lofty aforementioned bands. Get this one fast....' -Music Monthly 'I swear it's been a month of Sundays since we've heard a CD as good as Click by A MONTH OF SUNDAYS. This one's immediately going into heavy rotation at Pop Quiz World Headquarters. We shall start each day the rawkin' way with 'Cities Burn,' lunch along with 'Rhapsody,' then wind down with 'Love Disappears.' But we're still all wound up! It's not surprising to find Marco Delmar's name as producer, but let's give full credit to Ed Moreland (lead vox/rhythm/harp), Chris Russell (lead guitar/bass/rhythm/keys), Brad Brooks (lead guitar/bass/rhythm), and Jim Russell (drums/vox). They got a sound and they're working it, baby. And they're bringing that sound to you-A.M.O.S. will be a show you will remember for...well, for a long time....' -Washington City Paper A Month of Sundays has been nominated for 'Best Rock Group' and singer Ed Moreland has been nominated for 'Best Vocalist' for the 2003 Washington Area Music Awards. 'Click' was nominated for 'Best Rock Recording' at the 2002 Washington Area Music Awards. Contact-email, or phone, 703-577-0749.


Artist: Month of Sundays
Title: Click
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/11/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 791022193428