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Mucking It Up

Mucking It Up

  • By Muckety Muck
  • Release 1/1/2011
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Muckety Muck was born in Richmond,VA from a recording session in which veteran producer George Wythe Wayne (Guitar Slim, Jr's Nothing Nice) wanted to record a few of his songs. Looking for something different he brought in a bass and drum partnership from a Latin/Jazz group. They recorded Bebop Bubba Was a Cool Lookin Mutha by putting down the bass and drums first; then bassist Raleigh Woods put on a guitar track that really caught Wayne's fancy. "The guy doesn't use a pick and he gets a sweet tone", Wayne said "he's fluid and he's not afraid to step out of that pentatonic scale". Everyone really liked the take so it was decided to try some more tunes and shoot for making a CD. Wayne began cleaning out his closet looking for songs that would match the project. The songs span a 40 year period; from Cry which was Wayne's first song (written in 1971) to Run With Me which was written with Raleigh Woods during the time of the sessions and was the final recording. In a routine that would be used for the entire project-Woods (21 yrs old at the time) wrote new arrangements and the bass & drums were recorded (simultaneously) first, then piano & guitar were added one at a time. Doc would then add his unique style of shakers and wood. Wayne had been thinking of bringing in a local jazz singer to do vocals, but having second thoughts decided on Nigel Parker. Some of the song arrangements were in a new style and a bit challenging for a folkie /blues-rock campfire chord kind of guy- but Parker practiced hard, came prepared and more often than not the vocal track was done in one take. The project was recorded, mixed & mastered digitally then slammed to 2 track ¼ inch tape by T Boy, then brought back to digital. Seven songs were recorded during the first two day session; and at the end of the second day Wayne overheard in the monitors "so old Muckety Muck wants another take huh". Later that evening, when asked for a name for the project file -Wayne said, you guessed it- Muckety Muck.


Artist: Muckety Muck
Title: Mucking It Up
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/1/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501599412