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Chakra Rock

Chakra Rock

  • By Nikki Borodi
  • Release 12/16/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Nikki Borodi expresses a bold, humanist vision of the world through her unmistakable voice as performer and visual artist. Well known as an enigmatic singer-songwriter, Nikki is also a music producer, aerialist, clown, body artist, and high-en crochet designer. As a musician, Nikki is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist. In addition to playing shows with her own band, she has performed at Madison Square Garden, with Morcheeba at Roseland, and is featured on Yoko Ono's "Blueprints for a Sunrise". The Afro-Diva recently released her first self-produced album, "Chakra Rock" a rock-electronica record that takes listeners on a journey through the eastern chakra system. Bursting at the seams with soaring vocals and chock-full of vibrant poetry, Chakra rock is a blend of funk, spoken-word, trip-hop and rock. Nikki Borodi's 2008 release of 'Chakra Rock' weaves a fully realized journey through the Eastern Chakra system into a colorful, energetic rock-electronica album which gives the word 'New Age' music an entirely different face. The 7 tracks illustrate both the deeper symbolism of the Chakras through the lense of Nikki's Borodi's corporeal experience and personal stories. A spiritual cheerleader, she calls on listeners to fully realize themselves through the chakra system encouraging an exploration of their roots, sexuality, power, heart, personal voice, and intuition. The album vibrates with Nikki's clear, soulful soprano voice cascading around 7 different musical landscapes where the instrumentation, arrangements and rhythms directly correspond to the qualities of each Chakra. The 1st track, 'root' relies heavily on a strong, steady percussion section and driving electric guitars distinctively setting the ground for each successive track. 'Crown' ends the album with etheral vocals and euphonic violin lines, melodically illustrative the ascent to the top of the Chakra system. Weaving influences of funk, trip-hop, electronica, and classic rock, Chakra Rock takes you on an uplifting, fully saturated musical journey into the mystical world of the Chakras. Weather you're driving in the car, doing yoga, or just want to dance this record is a beautiful addition to your musical collection. Not to mention the packaging is made with 100% certified green components and printed with vegetable inks! 'Nikki totally rocks the shakti in your chakras with a dynamic vibration of spirit and soul.' Anodea Judith author of Eastern Body Western Mind.


Artist: Nikki Borodi
Title: Chakra Rock
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/16/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261257723