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Buck's Vibe 2

Buck's Vibe 2

  • By Peter Buck
  • Release 12/22/2011
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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All Compositions by Peter Buck (Buck's Vibe Music ASCAP) Peter Buck-drums and percussion, Eli Brueggemann-keyboards, Willis Clow-guitar, Dominic Thiroux-bass, Unique Cramer-Buck-vocals, Xavier Buck-rap Peter Buck plays Bosphorus cymbals, Aquarian drumheads, and Regal Tip sticks Contact: Recorded in March & April, 2011 at Catpack Studio, Los Angeles, CA Recorded and Mixed by Dominic Thiroux Mastered by Paul Tavenner: Big City Recording Studios, Granada Hills, CA Produced by Peter Buck Cover Photography by Jeff Eddings Inside Photography by Scotty Barnhart Photo Editing by Joseph Milton Special Thanks to: Gail: my love and inspiration Eli, Willis, Dominic, Unique, and Xavier: your musicianship and dedication made this possible Mom, Dad, Gregg, Jennifer, Bishop James D. Carrington and the Friendship Baptist Church In loving memory of my sister Suzanne Chaffee Song Lyrics: Organic Love by Peter Buck Verse 1 Souls stood still in the land With no fear. There was too much cluttering of minds To get near. We believed the answers were known Could never feel A love so real... ...unchanging. Verse 2 Wind swept over the hills And valley. Swirling thoughts and whirling away The folly. With the landscape bare I could see The promise of... Organic love. Chorus Western wind Blowing blues away Wiping clean the slate For what come what may. Western wind Charged from heav'n above Now we soar through life With organic love... ...a blessing. Verse 3 Casting fate to the wind Uplifting. Gliding loose of the burdensome chains Refreshing. Flowing free and blooming within Fruition of... Organic love. Chorus See if I Cried by Unique Cramer-Buck Verse 1 I could have sworn when he smiled at me He'd never leave, he'd always come home to me. I wish I'd have noticed when his smile faded away. I could have seen what was coming my way. Verse 2 It hurt, when he walked away He left no note, no sorry, not even a messy display. He didn't even stay, to see if I'd cry He already knew the damage he could do. Chorus Baby why, baby why Why didn't you stay to see if I cried, Cause maybe then, you would have seen How much I care. Verse 3 It's been some months, since he walked away. I cried my tears, fought my fears, I knew I had to get on my way. Ya'll gotta know, he tried calling me. I told him off, I was done, I hung up on him, Crying out to me. Chorus 2 Baby why, baby why Why'd you saying those things, you're making me cry. Baby please, baby please Be that old girl and come home to me. Baby why, baby why Why are you saying those things, you're making me cry. I really don't care Cry rivers and streams, I'm doing just fine spendin' time with me. Steppin' Up rap by Xavier Buck Lookin around to the people of my sound I'm bound for greatness, that's what I what I found But if I look around at the world beside me And I see how many people fallin surround me Can't fall into the trap, attack the track with the heart of a lion Thank God for my flow, I'm headed to Zion Give me hope, give me rope To get out flames that I scope Give me peace, give me wings To release and be free Fightin for every kid who ever had a dream Fightin for man or woman who ever believed People want money and people want clothes People want fame, a four leaf clove But I blow into my dreams, do nothing but believe Cuz can't ain't a word, I'm nothing but free Around me people just giving up People thinkin that life is just too much Don't shackle your dreams, release your cuffs Simply put, I'm just steppin' up.


Artist: Peter Buck
Title: Buck's Vibe 2
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 12/22/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501650403