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Sounds Like the 19th Century

Sounds Like the 19th Century

  • By Brent Santin
  • Release 10/31/2006
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hi! We're Brent Santin & Gary Mallon and we've worked as costumed historic 'interpreters' at some of the major historic living history museums across Canada (let's see: Black Creek Pioneer Village, Upper Canada Village and the Fortress of Louisbourg to name a few). That means we're a couple of those strange people in funny old clothes who demonstrate how folks used to build furniture before power tools were invented, how they printed with little pieces of lead type, drove horses and used hand-planes. Over the past twenty years, we have played 19th century folk music from Canada, the United States, Ireland, Scotland and the U.K. for thousands upon thousands of enthralled visitors. Between the two of us, our instrument line-up includes the tin-whistle, bones, banjo, wooden flute, jaw-harp, button accordion, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, piano, zither, and bodhran. 'Sounds Like the 19th Century' is a collection of some of the liveliest songs and music of this era, artfully blended and interspersed with the sounds of 19th century life. Your heart will thump and your toe will tap to wicked jigs and reels played on tin-whistle, spoons and mandolin. A mournful French-Canadian ballad might even bring a tear to your eye. You'll be transported back in time as you listen to the the fall of the blacksmith's hammer, the hypnotic whirr of the spinning wheel, the chatter of grist mill machinery, the ka-chunk of a water powered saw, the clatter of a stagecoach passing by, and more! This CD is the perfect choice for anyone anyone who has a love of history and folk-music. If you like your music organic and free of modern blips and bleeps, you've come to the right place! Looking for a special gift for someone you know who is into historic re-enactment? You've found the ideal album! Just want to turn off the TV, ignore the cell phone and groove to what was on the top of pops when the telegraph was considered 'high tech'? Then 'Sounds Like the 19th Century' is for you!


Artist: Brent Santin
Title: Sounds Like the 19th Century
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 10/31/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479408670