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He Stood on a Hillside-A Poetic Story of the Ameri

He Stood on a Hillside-A Poetic Story of the Ameri

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Take a journey with us now as we explore the Civil War, not merely in terms of the facts and figures of history books, but as it took place within the human heart. The twelve poems contained in this collection tell the story of the Civil War from many perspectives; the soldier on the front line, the woman and child left behind, a nurse caring for the sick and dying, a freed slave-girl who has never before been off the plantation. Their voices, so eloquently captured in this volume, offer a listening experience that is as rich as it is rare. The Author, Sara Criss-Pugh, was born Sara Nell Murphy in Alabama in 1935, and was an only child and lost her father suddenly from illness when she was two years of age. Her mother took her away from their rural southern community and they moved to Ohio where Sara still resides. Having once been married with three children and having gained the name Criss, Sara married again in 1984 to Eugene Pugh, a former high school sweetheart, and the two of them became active in civil war reenactments in the 29th Ohio OVI. In 1990, following the death of her beloved 'Daddy', she began writing her poetry and performing them at reenactments and special events. In 1993, she was in a serious car accident that caused brain stem injuries, preventing her from traveling and being in the elements. She and her husband then continued to perform her poetry at local schools and civic groups, where they showed-off their collection of dress and war memorabilia. When Sara was four years old, her mother remarried, giving Sara a loving step-father. His love for Civil War history provided her with a rich understanding of this period in American history from a very early age. He filled her childhood with stories of the war and accounts of the battles as they traveled the roads from Ohio to Alabama, often stopping at various landmarks along the way. Her memory of the gently rolling hills of Tennessee battlefields provided the inspiration for her first poem about the Civil War - A Federal's Death.


Artist: Sara Criss-Pugh
Title: He Stood on a Hillside-A Poetic Story of the Ameri
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 12/10/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707622620