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Seeds of Song Through Time

Seeds of Song Through Time

  • By Sarah Barchas
  • Release 11/18/2008
  • Music Genre Easy Listening
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

SEEDS OF SONG THROUGH TIME is a remarkable and unique two-year collaboration between singer/songwriter Sarah Barchas and her now 96-year old mother, Cecile Barchas. Eight of the 13 songs would not have existed were it not for the initial core melodies hummed by Cecile, who is bedridden, frail and with multiple infirmities at this point in her life, yet still retains a love of music that helps sustain her. The weaving by Sarah of contrast melody, lyrics and harmony inspired by her mother's initial core melodies was an almost magical process, often flowing as naturally as if from one being, through the inner spirit of each. The first seven songs are all Cecile/Sarah songs, as is the beautiful final song #13. The other five songs are by Sarah. The physical CD package includes a 20-page mini-booklet insert with lyrics to all the songs. Music Box - A lost music box rediscovered becomes a metaphor for life Call This Memory - Reaching to the memories and love of those no longer here Night Song - Voyage of life and voyage of dreams likened to a boat at sea Almost Missed - Only minutes or fleeting seconds can determine experience that can make a difference Merry-Go-Round - Returning to site of old Merry-Go-Round experienced as a child Listen to the Dream - Hold on to dreams and adapt to change by rediscovering past dreams that were deferred Sleep, My Baby - A beautiful lullaby, celebrating hope in renewal of life Window - A song dealing directly and powerfully with overcoming depression Worrying - Gaining hope and coping through an anonymous quote Points of Light - Finding inspiration and realization from vistas of city lights and night sky Elusive Time - The universal need to shape ever-fleeting time Does It Matter? - A powerful and moving conservation song, looking at human impacts on this earth Seeds of Song Through Time - Song of a long life well- lived through amazing changes across nearly a century These songs are soothing and vibrant, with wide appeal across ages. They deal with themes of life, time, dreams, memories, growth, hope and coping through adversity, connections with others, responsibility to this earth, and legacy. From the first song of a long lost music box rediscovered, to the last powerful and memorable two songs of legacy, these songs evoke links to the heart and life experiences of the listener. Reviews: Robert Reid: Univ. Of Wisc. Instructor, Author, Lecturer: 'Families looking for beautiful, reflective music to share together will find it with Seeds of Song Through Time. Your collaboration with your mother is incredibly inspirational for others and I wouldn't be surprised to see similar projects developed.' Lon Austin, 9/2008 Coordinator, Folk Traditions Music Festival, Phoenix, AZ: 'Sarah Barchas writes great songs about this journey called life. This collaboration with her mother Cecile not only honors a mother and daughter's journey, but as she says in the song 'Music Box,' it is 'A toast to life and all that life can be.'' Dianne Wawrzusin, MM, MT-BC, 9/30/08: 'What a treasure! As a music therapist who has worked with the elderly, this poignant CD would be a perfect addition to any music therapist's music collection!' Maxine Jewett, President, Southwest Acoustic Music, 11/2008: 'Enchanting remembrance of childhood. It sings you to sleep with a lullaby, it instructs you, it comforts you and sometimes it just plain has fun with you. This is a keeper for the 'little kid' in all of us.' Harry Zona, poet & MC at many music & poetry events, 1/15/2009: 'An observation of and a manual for life and living.'


Artist: Sarah Barchas
Title: Seeds of Song Through Time
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 11/18/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 756124424924