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Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways

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When ScribbleMonster released their debut album, 'Best of Friends', the first review described their sound as 'Sesame Street on steroids.' The reaction from James Dague, ScribbleMonster's bandleader? 'I was honored and humbled by the association, but I was also a bit confused. They thought we sounded like Sesame Street?' But the comparisons just kept on coming. CD Baby named the disc an Editor's Pick: 'Packed with colorful, vivid, animated story lines and topics that bring to mind the imagination and appeal of Sesame Street, Best of Friends is lively, goofy and fun without giving up the basic quality and heart of the music.' In his book, Pop Culture, Christopher Healy wrote of 'the Muppet garage band sound of Scribblemonster & His Pals, possibly the edgiest kids' band on the scene today.' 'Now, when people ask me to describe our music, I say, 'We're like Sesame Street on steroids.'' In hindsight, Dague realizes the association should not have been such a surprise. 'Of course the influence is there! I have always been a huge fan. For me, Sesame Street was the definition of kids' music. I never stopped listening to my Sesame Street records. I took second place in a talent show lip syncing to a Bert song when I was in... college. Maybe I shouldn't be sharing that.' That talent show runner up, 'I Want To Hold Your Ear,' and 10 more of Dague's Sesame Street favorites are re-imagined by Scribblemonster & His Pals on their new album, Look Both Ways. Most of these songs have been orphaned since their original release, which is understandable given Sesame Street's 40+ years of great music. Every song can't make the greatest hits album. But as a die-hard fan of any band knows, your favorite tunes are rarely the hits. They are usually the overlooked, underdog tracks you always thought should have been a hit. 'Other than the theme song, the average listener would probably have no idea that we're playing Sesame Street songs on this new disc,' Dague presumes. 'The band has really taken possession of each tune. We treat them as our own. It sounds like a ScribbleMonster album.' Given ScribbleMonster's recorded history, that would mean there is a variety of genres and styles and it sounds like, you guessed it, Sesame Street on steroids - lots of fun, energy and character, with a ramped up, big guitar sound. 'Look Both Ways' also includes guest appearances by fellow children's recording artists Steve Weeks and Racer Steve.


Artist: Scribblemonster & His Pals
Title: Look Both Ways
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 2/8/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 820031004293