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Time Is Coming

Time Is Coming

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Product Notes

I invite you to share and experience a musical journey. The diverse themes and styles touch upon perspective on life, one's spiritual connection, pondering one's purpose and direction, and dealing with often-confusing emotions such as fear and forgiveness through a spiritual lens. I started writing songs many years ago as a form of self-expression. By profession, I am a music therapist and social worker. I also practice energy and spiritual healing. My intention in producing this album included touching people in a special way, giving voice to one's inner voice, and catalyzing new perspectives, i.e., the spiritual lens, about life's challenges. By changing one's perspective and altering the question or issue, one can experience growth and transformation. The Talmud states that 'words from the heart go to the heart.' The same holds true when the source of the intent was to touch souls. Most of the songs were written in response to an event or to express a need or feeling. For example, 'Souls in Heaven' tells about old family pictures on my credenza. I look at them and feel comfort, guidance, and protection. The inspiration for 'Chayim Pshutim/Simple Pleasures' came from looking at the ocean and feeling grateful just to experience the wind blowing through my hair, the scent of the ocean, and looking at the waves. 'Perek Shirati/My Unique Song' was based on a Hebrew prayer which assigns a unique song with which to praise the Creator to natural phenomena like lightning and many types of creatures. I, too, have my unique song, and it is yearning for connection to sing a duet. 'The Time is Coming' was inspired while listening to another band perform a song about the importance of integrity. In the time of the Messiah, the world will be polarized, and people will be forced to choose who they are and what they stand for. 'Unfinished Business' tells about the importance of cleaning up one's act, changing wounds into gifts, and moving on in life. I look forward to your feedback!


Artist: Shoshana Averbach
Title: Time Is Coming
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 12/15/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501654050