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In My Bones

In My Bones

  • By Steve Erwin
  • Release 10/30/2007
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Hard-driven, but never bombastic, often clever, but certainly not indulgent, the music of Steve Cone reminds the listener how to Rock. Metal Express Radio (Norway) Bang the head that doesn't bang! Great grooves, great riffing, great drumming, great all the way! I can do nothing else but recommend this to any Hard Rock/Heavy Metal fan who loves it pure and uncompromised. Thoughts of Metal (Belgium) In My Bones contains 11 songs that have nothing less than the songs of the leaders of Heavy Metal / Hard Rock because almost all songs are consisted of catchy breathtaking riffs, many beautiful melodies which are very easy for someone to listen to, and of course there are high quality vocals made by Steve himself. I would recommend 'In My Bones' to everyone who is familiar with Heavy Metal / Hard Rock sound. Metalzone (Greece) His style is uncompromising yet retains a sense of melody, despite guitar lines that rattle teeth and rock as hard as anything I've heard in a long while. This is very much the definition of what I grew up calling "Heavy Metal". All proper metal fans should get a copy of this album to see what we've all been missing. You will not be disappointed!! Hardrock House (England) If it's quality, fun and rockin' heavy metal that you crave, this is your ticket. Heavy metal is Steve Cone's passion and it's a sure bet that he's having the time of his life doing this. (USA) A nice modern metal approach with a solid rhythmic background and some interesting ideas. Metal Invader (Greece) There was a time when musicianship really mattered. There was a time when fiery riffs, dazzling fretwork, and soaring melodies lived harmoniously in the stereo speakers of rock fans. In these days of whining vocals, soapbox lyrics and cookie-cutter chord progressions, it is a relief to find music that still can grab you by the throat and throttle you with it's intensity and passion. Steve Cone has not forgotten that rock and roll is about energy, drive, and most of all, rattling your cage until the whole world seems to be shaking. With In My Bones, Cone's latest solo release, this Arizona-based guitarist and singer has once again established himself as one of the premier heavy metal songwriters on the scene today. The phrase "heavy metal" is too easily tossed around. It has been used to describe Def Leppard as well as Slayer. So where does Cone fit into this landscape? If the essence of metal lies in heavy guitars, thunderous rhythms, explosive leads and memorable choruses, then Cone becomes the epitome of the genre. Cone is a New York native and has been a member of several prominent bands in his years of making music. After relocating to the desert, Cone built a studio and started writing his own brand of metal, forged in the classic European tradition of progressive hard rock and tempered with his own street-smart style picked up from his days of playing the dark, seedy clubs of New York City. The results have been nothing short of impressive with each Cone release topping it's predecessor with intelligent yet wild songs about power, betrayal, and the various dark places in our minds. But when it is all said and done, what Steve Cone brings to the table is the ability to craft memorable hooks that rock so incredibly hard. And ultimately, that's what matters most. Blast In My Bones through your speakers and it may be your own bones that find themselves loosening up and remembering rock and roll the way it is supposed to be played Steve Cone is a veteran of the hard rock and heavy metal scene and continues to grow and develop as an artist that is quickly grabbing attention from the masses. He is joined by Erik Fehrenbach on drums for this latest release. Steve has put together 11 new original tracks and shows no sign of ever slowing down.


Artist: Steve Erwin
Title: In My Bones
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 10/30/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101420112