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Drive on

Drive on

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A lot of bands out there can Rock but very few can Roll. The Stone Chiefs are one of those bands. Soul, power, charisma, blood, sweat, and fists in the air. They've got it in spades. The Stone Chiefs are experts at creating distinctive guitar driven rock-n-roll. The union of these five men that are The Stone Chiefs was purely chance, like the Big Bang. The soul that bleeds from this band, however, is by the grace of Rock and Roll Gods. The infancy of this group began with David Arnn and Aaron Wiig. They became fast friends in college with faster fingers. David and Aaron learned more about slinging guitars in their dorm room than anything they learned in class. Not long after, they met up with Brian "BT" Torrence, who constantly blew them away with his endless supply of catchy riffs. An unholy trinity of Rock and Roll was formed, and these men took the first steps in creating The Stone Chiefs...they began to JAM. The Stone Chiefs frontman Dallas Perry is no stranger to the stage. He began singing in front of audiences at the age of 7. And we're not talking about school plays, we're talking about clubs. He was born and raised on Rock and Roll. Not just listening, but performing. His father used to live next to a bar and Dallas frequently accompanied him to crash the karaoke party. In his teenage years, he spent the weekends figuring out ways to sneak into bars and sit in with bands. Flash forward a few years. Dallas was playing with a decent Raleigh band in desperate need of a lead guitar player. A few internet ads later, in steps David Arnn. He shook a few hands, strapped on his Strat, pulled out his bag of tricks and easily landed the job. A few months go by, and the band is playing gigs here and there, making a little scratch. But David had a larger vision. David calls Aaron, "Hey man, you gotta hear this awesome singer. I've never heard anybody that can sing like this that is not famous." Then one day David asked Dallas that now infamous, pivotal question. "You wanna come over to my house and jam?" And then there were four. David, Aaron, BT, and Dallas have finally convened under one roof. The initial jam sessions were loose, raw, exciting, drunken, and just plain fun. Playing all of their favorite cover tunes, sharing musical ideas, cracking jokes...the first four Stone Chiefs gelled quickly. Suddenly they found themselves in need of a drummer. And they weren't going to settle for any old hack with a kit. They wanted an Engine Room. A Backbone. A Mad Man. Ladies and gentleman, Michael "Twig" Neece. When Twig first visited David's house to jam, the initial thought was "this guy LOOKS like a drummer." Big, burly, hairy as hell, probably drunk, with a heavy right foot. The five of them cracked some beers, made some smalltalk, and then unleashed the Rock. The Stone Chiefs were born.


Artist: The Stone Chiefs
Title: Drive on
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/1/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501559522