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Tada Never Falls In Love: Premium Box Set

Tada Never Falls In Love: Premium Box Set

(With Booklet, With CD, Coaster, Subtitled)
  • Release 9/24/2019
  • Film and TV Genre Anime-Japanese
  • Media Format Blu-ray
  • Please be advised. Unless otherwise stated, all BLU-RAY are REGION A and all DVD are REGION 1 encoding. Before purchasing, please ensure that your equipment can playback these regions. For more information on region encoding, please click the link below:
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Product Notes

Tada Never Falls In Love: Premium Special BoX-SeT - Nothing lasts forever, so opportunities presented must be taken before they are lost. In Japan, this philosophy is symbolized by the brief bloom of the cherry blossom, and it is under the cherry blossoms that Tada, who dreams of becoming a famous photographer like his late father, meets a girl who has lost her way. As it turns out, Teresa is staying at the hotel next to café owned by Tada's family and she and her companion Alexandra will be attending Tada's school, where they even join his photography club. What Tada doesn't know, however, is that Teresa is secretly a princess who's come to Japan to experience normal life before returning to her own country and an arranged marriage. And that means that the attraction that they begin to feel for each other may be as ephemeral as the cherry blossom in TADA NEVER FALLS IN LOVE. Number of discs: 4


Title: Tada Never Falls In Love: Premium Box Set
Genre: Anime-Japanese
Starring: Mitsue Yamazaki, Manaka Iwami
Studio: Section 23
Number of Discs: 4
Attributes: With Booklet, With CD, Coaster, Subtitled
Release Date: 9/24/2019
Media Format: Blu-ray
UPC: 816726025025
Original Language: ENG, JAP
Run Time: 325 minutes


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