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  • By Clearlight
  • Release 4/17/2007
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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ETHNICOLOR'S Primitive rhythms fuse with modern technology in this celebration of the indigenous people throughout the planet. Energetic and positive, it beams a message outward, inviting it's listener to dance to the tempos of the globe. Tour the soundscapes prepared by keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux and ethnographer/sound painter Pascal Menestreyl. Transcend the animal instinct and experience the modern harmony. Speaking with the universal tongue, it's infectious grooves infuse the body and electrify the eternity of the human soul. This album involves music and chants of over thirty different tribes from all around the World. These peoples are far from each other but share many things, including the tragedy of facing extinction and the destruction of our planet. Ethnicolours allows the listener to discover these ancestral shamanic sounds, transporting you through a planetary web of light. Ethnicolours is the bond of human ecstasy and sorrow shared by the tribes of the world. This music corresponds to the color green, the auric color for nature and balance, and the harmony of the flow of life. The attributes of green are unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, contentment, understanding, openness, acceptance and harmony. Cyrille 'CLEARLIGHT' Verdeaux COMPOSER, PIANIST, MULTI-KEYBOARDIST, PRODUCER CYRILLE VERDEAUX, native of France, was born July 31, 1949 in Paris. In 1963 at the age of 14, he entered the prestigious French National Conservatory of Music in Paris studying composition, harmony, and piano. From 1966 to 1968 he won first place in student composition three successive times. During the student uprisings of 1968 he decided to leave Paris. He then attended the Nice Conservatory earning a Masters diploma, returning to Paris to form the band Babylone with guitarist Christian Boule. In 1975 Virgin Records released the first album of Cyrille Verdeaux compositions titled CLEARLIGHT SYMPHONY. Clearlight became the first French progressive rock band signed to a major British record label. Gathering accolades for it's unique compositions and keyboard stylings, the music spanned from classical romanticism to lush experimentation. Cyrille Verdeaux and CLEARLIGHT toured England and Europe with the legendary band 'GONG'. Virgin Records released the second Clearlight album, FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES in 1976. Featuring an ensemble cast of stellar players the album added jazzy touches to the heady mix of Rock, classical and psychedelic sound paintings. Simultaneously, Cyrille Verdeaux composed and recorded the musical score to the film VISA DE CENSURE # X by Pierre Clementi. EMI Records subsequently released the resulting soundtrack album entitled DELIRED CAMELEON FAMILY. The movie and it's score were considered important artwork. They were purchased by the French Museum of Modern Art and were often shown. In 1977 RCA Records in Europe released the CLEARLIGHT album, LES CONTES DU SINGE FOU also known as the 'mad monkey' record. Psychedelic and visionary currents explode with visionary lyrics throughout courtesy of British vocalist Ian Bellamy. Once again the pure sound of Cyrille Verdeaux's piano is accompanied by an army of synthesizers to create a work that is considered a progressive rock masterpiece, thanks also to the part played by the incredible but real violinist Didier Lockwood. The fourth CLEARLIGHT album, CLEARLIGHT VISIONS was released in 1978 by Polydor Records. Featuring virtuoso Didier Lockwood on violin, Cyrille Verdeaux took the reins of production for the first time, fusing his classical and rock strains with the Sitar and Tabla. CLEARLIGHT VISIONS with successful tours of England and Europe, appearing in prestigious concert halls such as the Olympia Music Hall and the Cathedralof Saint Etienne du Mont in Paris. The tragic death of his 4-year-old son, Jonathan became a catalyst for Cyrille to study and travel the World. He visited India where he studied Indian music, yoga and meditation in various ashrams. The practice of these disciplines has had a large influence on his life and his music since then. In 1980 Cyrille traveled to the United States and released the albums OFFRANDES and NOCTURNE DIGITALES on Fortuna Records. He spent the next eighteen months in India perfecting his studies of yoga and music. When he returned, he released PROPHECY on Fortuna Records with Bernard Xolotl and also the albums MOEBIUS and SHAMBALA on the Record Company 'Soundings of the Planet'. In 1982 Cyrille teamed up with producer/engineer/manager Josh Goldstein to help reenergize his musical career. In 1983 the albums FLOWERS FROM HEAVEN, PIANO FOR THE THIRD EAR, MESSENGER of the SON and JOURNEY TO TANTRALAND were born. In 1984, these albums were used to create the KUNDALINI OPERA, released only on cassette tape by Eurock. In 1985 the album MESSENGER OF THE SON was released on Catero Records, an independent label of the famed CBS producer and engineer Fred Catero. The record company declared bankruptcy four months after the release, preventing it from getting proper distribution and promotion. One track from this album did receive wider exposure, a piano solo composed by Cyrille as a Requiem for his son Jonathan. Released by Windham Hill Records on their PIANO SAMPLER album, it also was part of the video WINTER. In 1987 Cyrille returned to France, embarking on a career teaching music while continuing to compose and produce music. RHAPSODIES POUR LA PLANETE BLEUE was released on Emen Records in 1988. In 1994, Cyrille returned in California, especially in Santa Cruz, the native town of his children. During the summer 1994, he recorded with Santa Cruz based singer-keyboardist Gunnar Amundson a modern remake of LES CONTES DU SINGE FOU, entitled IN YOUR HANDS. Legend R record in Europe released the resulting Clearlight record. HERE & NOW From 1995 to the present, Cyrille Verdeaux has continued to work on his main opus, the Kundalini Opera with new material, experimenting with new composition techniques, utilizing samples,computer software and modern technology. Several new albums are ready for release. Each CD of the Kundalini Opera has been designed to harmonise and tune one specific chakra. Ethnicolor's heals the 1st chakra Journey to Tantraland harmonises the 2nd chakra Solar transfusion harmonises the 3rd chakra Flowers from Heaven harmonises the 4th chakra Rhapsodies pour la planète bleue harmonises the 5th chakra Piano for the third ear harmonises the 6th chakra Nocturnes Digitales harmonises the 7th chakra TRIBAL HYBRID CONCEPT, an ethnic electronic album, recorded with ethnological sample specialist Pascal Menestreyl. Combining Cyrille Verdeaux's symphonic abilities and Pascal's creative samples, they selected ethnic voices and instrumentation used with music and chants of over thirty different tribes from all around the World. These peoples share many things, including the tragedy of facing extinction and the destruction of the planet. THC allows the listener to discover these ancestral shamanic sounds, transporting you through the planetary web of light. Click on the 'Buy now' button to have access to the free mp3 samples. Thank you.


Artist: Clearlight
Title: Ethnicolor's
Genre: International
Release Date: 4/17/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 3307517174031


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