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Wild Dogs Final Edition

Wild Dogs Final Edition

(Bonus Tracks)
  • By The Wild Dogs
  • Release 10/7/2005
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

For the entire US METALcatalog please visit our store here at cdbaby/all/usmetal for a limited time includes free embroidered wild dogs patch! On pressed CD with 8 page insert phiotos by BILL HALE Wild Dogs self titled debut album made quite a splash when it was originally released in 1983 featuring future members of malice, black n blue, journey,ozzy, dr mastermind jaime st james one of the first drummers (who is now singing for 90s band warrant! But this album really ignited a spark in the guitar community and later the drumming of deen castronovo whose skill can now be heard on many well known records (Tony Macalpine, Marty friedman,ozzy osbourne,Journey)and climaxed this era with Reign of terror and Dr mastermind. Beginning as a recording school band the group didn't see much beyond reccording some songs,after a summer of backing lead singer and 2nd gtr player matthew t McCourt aka dr mastermind, in his band the ravers with pete holmes and jeff mark and mick zane one of malice's founding members. It was easy to get noticed back when rock was one big umbrella and we all stood under it together metallica and slayer really segregated the community and split the cropwd into smaller fractions. Thus relieving the sold out gigs of the earliest days. Jaime st james plays on half the album a nd left the band as he moved to LA with Black n blue and got their famous ddeal on geffen with gene simmons. Teh song born to rock was also fetaured on local fm radio kings KGON on tyhe homegrown comp album and recieved lots of airplay for a few years. This music is relaly just what was inside our minds at teh time, no expectations, no reviews to live up to or chase, just pure unadulterated fun by guys who couldn't find a job and rocked all day. 'we sent a tape to mike varney who was new in the industry just strating his guitar hero label shrapnel and his comp series usmetal. (later discovering yngwie malmsteen and changing the whole sound of rock gtr to classical for bnearly a decade. Jeff mark was a van halen, uli roth flavored player and was touted as being the next big deal danny kurtyh wrote the most exciting and newest sounding material that wasn't considering anything but hard rock when it took shape. Kiss, alkice cooper (alices bodyguard was teh bands manager for a while-norm klein) teh band toured with metal church, anthrax, raven, girlschool dio las rocket vicious rumors, and other bands of the day this colllection is the definitive remastered sonicallly superior iussue form tape unlike many of teh imposters who have made copies this is the real deal and includes the historical demos and earliest recordings chronicled in a backwards order to the very first song . fugitive.


Artist: The Wild Dogs
Title: Wild Dogs Final Edition
Genre: Heavy Metal
Attributes: Bonus Tracks
Release Date: 10/7/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479169939


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